Billy Oliver began his work as a clown when he was just in High School entertaining children at the local Baskin and Robins Ice Cream store. After a hiatus from clowning he came back to this wonderful business in 2001 performing first as Bobo the Clown with "I Luv A Party" of Stamford, CT, then in 2005 as "Billy" of Billy and Friends, LLC, a company he started with his wife, Marina.

Billy graduated college with a degree in Theatre and you might have seen him in cameo roles in a few movies ("Two Weeks Notice" and "How To Lose A Guy In 10 Days") and in commercials for Nikon Camera and Dairy Queen (although, you'd have to look REAL hard). But after this stint in the motion picture industry Billy's two daughters, his two adopted sons and the mortgage company warned him that Acting was not the best career choice, so he needed something to "fall back on."

So, after much thought Billy figured it out: a full time job and clowning in his spare time! Now, Billy and Friends, LLC has grown to a company that can offer you his performance as well as many of His Friends!

Billy's Philosophy

What does Professional Entertainment for Children actually mean? To me it means bringing children to the point of losing their inhibitions, even for shy children (as I was as a child). Of course, it's not tough to bring a child to laughter, but to do this while giving them a sense of self-respect and respect for others is something I've worked hard to attain.

I have many times had a child at a party (sometimes even the birthday child) be afraid to participate or come to me. But, I have never, and I mean never, had that child not come to me by the end of the party. With certain children it takes time to build trust and to understand there is nothing standing in the way of them having a great time with the other children.

Parents need to understand that I may be very active in the things that I do, but that I have also learned to tone down and be "present" for each and every child. Sometimes it takes time to get around to all the children, but if you will provide the time and atmosphere conducive to having a clown at your party, your party will be a success.

Someone I met once, who had worked many years as a children's entertainer, told me, "Remember, no matter what character you go as, you're always a clown." This meant something to me. Children respond to the warmth, gentleness and gregariousness of a clown. With this in mind, I've shaped all my characters around that basic philosophy.

There are two clowns who have had a huge influence in my life and who I have tried to emulate and show respect for. One you will know, one you probably won't. The first is Red Skelton. His "Freddie the Freeloader" is the basis for my Billy the Loveable Tramp. And, his quote he left for all of us is at the bottom of every page I send to people. The other is HoHo. HoHo was a clown in my hometown of Oklahoma City. HoHo had a television show on one of the local stations (back when Affiliates had to provide a certain amount of local programming...the good old days!). HoHo had the gentlest nature of any clown I've ever seen. He told me he sometimes came to a child's party out of makeup and allowed the children to see him transform himself into HoHo. The citizens of Oklahoma City have long remembered his caring and giving nature.

But, above all, your child's safety is the most important thing. Therefore, please be mindful that if I request a child who may still be teething not take a twisted balloon, or instruct a child to act in a certain manor, it is out of a desire to see that every child remains safe during the party.

Finally, I am a silly clown and my antics, activities and magic tricks are just that... about as silly as I can make them! So, please have all the fun you can muster and I'll bring the hot dogs (even if they are made from balloons)!

Billy the Clown